Theaterclubs Paderborn 2018

Kooperation: Theater Paderborn
Dozentin: Prof. Kerstin Laube
Bühne und Kostüme, Realisierung

Under the direction of Prof. Kerstin Laube, this semester the students designed stage space and costume concepts for the theatre pedagogical “project clubs” for two contemporary plays: “Kreuzweg” (Anna & Dietrich Brüggemann) and “Auerhaus” (Bov Bjerg) will celebrate their premiere in June.

“Auerhaus” tells of the utopia of community and the violent moment of growing up, when life knocks on the door for six young people. Amina Nouns has designed a material-rich playground for this, in which the actors furnish themselves and repeatedly build concrete scenes themselves. Oliver Burkhardt’s contemporary costumes characterize the individuality of the characters.

“Kreuzweg” is a station drama in 14 pictures: At the centre is the 14-year-old Maria, torn between strict Catholic faith and her reality as a teenager. Mara Barnabó has created a multi-layered translucent basic space above gauze walls, in which play scenes are contrasted by different arrangement of the furniture and extreme lighting moods. Lena Tiffert supports the distant, unapproachable atmosphere with a bright, almost colourless costume concept that is highly differentiated across groups.

“Auerhaus” (Bov Bjerg), premiere: 16 June 2018, further performances on 18 June 2018.

Director: Marie Sophie Dudzic
Stage: Amina Nouns
Costumes: Oliver Burkhardt

“Kreuzweg” (Anna & Dietrich Brüggemann), premiere: 29 June 2018, further performances on 02.07. and 03.07.
Director: Steven Wadulla
Stage: Mara Barnabó
Costumes: Lena Tiffert

Photos Auerhaus and Kreuzweg: (c) Theater Paderborn

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