Und in den Nächten liegen wir stumm

Cooperation: Theater Chemnitz
Tutor: Norman Heinrich
stage and costumes, production

“Blind vor Arbeit oder Egoismus, überlastet von unverarbeiteten Trennungen oder fliehend ins Heil einer Religion, lassen die Eltern ihre fast erwachsenen Kinder im Stich. Für diese kein Ort nirgends, kein Halt” – Thomas Frey’s piece sets in here: with the struggle of the life. Until burning down everything, they give everything to feel, to be perceived, to love or to meet the self-imposed expectations. The first one is flirting with the whole city, the second one plays Fight Club, until she turns into a wolf, the third flee into surreal dream worlds and the fourth tries to keep the shop somehow running. Frey’s play shows four strong young players, who turn his archaic-so-called language into painful longing images. Under the tutor Norman Heinrich the students developed concepts for the play for Theater Chemnitz. The stage and costume design by Carla Satoca Berges and Francesca Ercoli have been selected and are now being part of the studio production.

Premiere: Thu, 28. september 2017 at 8 pm


„Und in den Nächten liegen wir stumm“

Stage: Carla Satoca Berges Costumes: Francesca Ercoli

Photos: Carla Satoca Berges und Dieter Wuschanski

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