Cooperation: Theatre Rudolstadt
Direction: Jens Schmidl
Tutor: Prof. Frank Hänig
Production, Stage and Costumes

For the play “Ziemlich beste Freunde“ (Act version: Gunnar Dreßler), based on the film “Intouchables”, at the regional theatre Rudolstadt students designed concepts for stage and costumes in a design competition. Under the supervision of Prof. Frank Hänig and in collaboration with director Jens Schmidl seven different approaches were developed for the story of an extraordinary friendship between the paraplegic Philippe and his assistant Driss. Students Johannes Maas (stage) and Cristina Lelli (costumes) were able to realise their concept in Rudolstadt.

Coordination: Franziska Ritter
Premiere: 8th of march 2014
Foto: Cristina Lelli, Peter Scholz

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