In 2011, a new lab for teaching and research was instituted at the department Bühnenbild_Szenischer Raum which allows for inter- and transdisciplinary collaborations. Students engage in thematically-free, long-term explorations of spaces and space phenomena through scientific means and aesthetic expression. The lab caters to project specific research in the context of existing critical theory. The theoretical approximation leads to practical experiments in a variety of mediums (e.g. visual arts, performing arts, movement in space). The Interdisziplinäres Raumlabor is a centre for intense artistic exchange about innovative designs and novel perceptions of space. It is understood as a project workshop whereby access and collaborative use is granted according to the productivity of the group. The Interdisziplinäres Raumlabor is run by Prof. Albert Lang, who has been teaching at the department Bühnenbild_Szenischer Raum since 2008.

Master Degrees
  • „first we have to run“, Dragan Denda, 2015
  • „ECHO AKUT 3.0 “, Bogna Jaroslawski, 2015
  • „Momento Mori“, Flavia Davis, 2015
  • „Museo Utero“, Ivana Vukovic und Elisabeth Luise Gers, 2015
  • „decoding dna“, David Roth, 2014
  • „Identitäts-Ruinen“, Shahrzad Rahmani, 2014
  • „Heile West“, Valentina Primavera and Johannes Maas, 2014
  • „Drifters“, Friederike Kunze, 2013
  • „Lapso en zona de nadie (Lücke/NiemandsRaum)“, Francisca Villela, 2013
  • „no parking“, Yasmim Assade, 2013
  • „there is nothing there“, Elena Koch, 2012
  • „A Perfect Place“, Jana Barthel, 2012
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