Und in den Nächten liegen wir stumm

Blinded by work or egoism, overburdened by unprocessed separations, or fleeing to the salvation of a religion, parents abandon their almost grown-up children. For them, no place nowhere, no support – Thomas Freyer’s play starts here: with the struggle of the after-born into life. Until they burn to death, they give everything to feel, to be noticed, to love or to live up to the expectations they have set themselves. One of them lets herself be fucked by the entire new building block, the second reenacts Fight Club until he turns into a wolf, the third flees into surreal dream worlds and the fourth somehow tries to keep the place going. Freyer’s play demands four strong young players who transform his archaic, maelstrom-like language into painful images of longing.

Under the direction of Norman Heinrich, the students developed various concepts for the studio stage of the Chemnitz Theatre.