Workshop “space in between” for external guests

Up to four external guest will get the chance to participate in the experimental drawing workshop “space in between” with Dutch artist Silvia Russel.

“As stage designer one can focus on objects and persons to describe a world or a certain situation. However one could also focus on the relations between people and people and objects, to characterize the world. We could describe this as ‘the world of relations in between”. Several writers such as Hannah Arendt state that these relations define our world. In this workshop we will focus on the space and relations in between things and the importance of our own personal perspective. We find inspiration in street life, architecture, literature and different art forms.”

Time: 26th to 28th april 2016, 10-6 pm
Applications until 18th april 2016 with short CV and some drawings in a PDF (circa 3–5 pages) to Salka Schulz
Course Fee: 90 euro (not included: material costs)
Target group: students of similar fields and like-minded individuals, interested stage designers, scenographers, architects, designer, costume designer, artists and creative people!
Place: studio 484 of the study course

Number of participants: 10-12 people in total, including up to four guests
The workshop will take place in english.

A confirmation of participation and 3 ECTS can be issued.

Go and get grab your copy now!