Goldberg – Architect of Knowledge

“A chemist by learning, a physicist by calling and a mechanic by birth” – trained as a chemist, called to be a physicist, born as a mechanic – this is how Emanuel Goldberg (1881 – 1970) described the poles of his versatile scientific and entrepreneurial work in almost all fields of image technology. In Leipzig and Berlin, he researched the fundamentals of photography. In Dresden, he developed novel cameras and apparatus for the knowledge management of the future. After his forced expulsion from Nazi Germany, he founded one of Israel’s first technology companies in Tel Aviv.
The exhibition focuses on Goldberg’s estate, which his family donated to the Dresden Technical Collections. Preserved photographs and instruments, written documents and drawings as well as remnants of Goldberg’s private experimental workshop are the starting point for a search for traces into the prehistory of the information society.

Further cooperation partners:
Institute for Philosophy, History of Literature, Science and Technology, MINTgrün orientation course, Master’s course in Mechanical Engineering, Centre for Interdisciplinary Research on Anti-Semitism (all TU Berlin), Faculty of Media and Communication at Bournemouth University, Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts, TU Dresden.