In cooperation with Theater Chemnitz, concept ideas for stage and costume for the drama production “Prinzessinnendramen” after Elfriede Jelinek will be developed in the summer semester 2023.

Being a princess is not easy. Either a jealous stepmother wants to kill you or you prick yourself on a spindle and have to sleep for 100 years. If you’re lucky, a patent prince will eventually come to kiss you awake.

In Jelinek’s dramolettes, six princesses have their say, and not only the Brothers Grimm are cheated. Snow White wanders through the forest as a seeker of truth and wishes she had never seen it for the trees. Sleeping Beauty is kissed awake by Mr. Right, but quickly freezes again in the face of the impending mating. But modern princesses also raise their voices, such as Jackie, glamorous ex-first lady, together with her husband’s mistress, Marylin. And last but not least, two icons of female writing, Ingeborg and Sylvia, celebrate a ritual slaughter.