Theaterclubs Paderborn

Theaterclubs Paderborn 2018

Under the direction of Prof. Kerstin Laube, the students designed stage and costume concepts for the contemporary plays: “Kreuzweg” (Anna & Dietrich Brüggemann) and “Auerhaus” (Bov Bjerg).
“Auerhaus” tells of the utopia of community and the violent moment of growing up when life knocks on the door for six teenagers.
“Way of the Cross” is a station drama in 14 pictures: It centres on 14-year-old Maria, torn between strict Catholic faith and her reality as a teenager.

Director: Marie Sophie Dudzic
Stage: Amina Nouns
Costume design: Oliver Burkhardt
Premiere: 16.06. 2018, Paderborn Theatre

Director: Steven Wadulla
Stage: Mara Barnabó
Costume design: Lena Tiffert
Premiere: 29.06. 2018, Paderborn Theatre

Theaterclubs Paderborn 2017

In cooperation with the Theater Paderborn, students under the direction of Prof. Kerstin Laube developed spatial concepts and costumes for four contemporary plays: “Warte bis es dunkel ist” (Frederick Knott), “Ich falle” (Johanna Emanuelsson), “König der Kinder: Macius!” (Kathrin Lange) and “Mädchen wie die” (Evan Placey).

Warte bis es dunkel ist
Stage: Lukas Kesler and Nadja Eller
Costume: Nadja Eller
Premiere: 07.04.2017, Paderborn Theatre

Ich falle
Stage: Janina Sieber
Costume: Jakob Blazejczak and Nadja Eller
Premiere: 29.04.2017, Theatre Paderborn

König der Kinder: Macius!
Stage: Anne-Laure Jullian de la Fuente
Costume: Lukas Kesler
Premiere: 12.05.2017, Theatre Paderborn

Mädchen wie die
Stage: Paulina Barreiro and Jakob Blazejczak
Costume: Maike Häber
Premiere: 18.06.2017, Theatre Paderborn
Mentor realization: Prof. Kerstin Laube

Theaterclubs Paderborn 2016

In cooperation with the Paderborn Theatre, space and costumes were developed for four contemporary plays by the clubs: “Das Ding” (Philipp Löhle), “After Juliet” (Sharman Mcdonald), “Nachtgeknister” (Mike Kenny) as well as “Helges Leben” (Sybille Berg).
Under the direction of Prof. Kerstin Laube, the students designed space and costumes for each of the four plays in competition. After the ideas had been selected, they were further developed and realised in close collaboration with the director and the trades at the Paderborn Theatre.

Das Ding
Direction: Marguerite Windblut
Stage: Mona Hartmann
Costume design: Paula Trimbur
Premiere 14.05.16, Paderborn Theatre

After Juliet
Direction: Chiara Nassauer
Stage: Devin Martini
Costume: Devin Martini with Susanne Wilk
Premiere 29.05.16, Theatre Paderborn

Direction: Karolin Dieckhoff
Stage: Lana Ramsay
Light/Projections: Greta Bolzoni
Costume design: Lana Ramsay and Carolina Duarte
Premiere 10.06.16, Paderborn Theatre

Helges Leben
Direction: Marie Sophie Dudzic
Stage: Mona Hartmann
Costume: Susanne Wilk
Premiere 25.06.16, Theatre Paderborn