Arina Balas

Arina Balas, born 1994 in Bucharest, Romania, lives in Berlin since 2017. After graduating her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Architecture at Berlin University of Applied Sciences, she is currently taking the next step into the direction of scenography. 

During her internships and studies-related professional experience as a stage design assistant (TNB National Theater Bucharest; Volksbuehne Berlin), she was given the opportunity to work with people of different cultures, with different visions and ideas, which allowed her to further develop her creative and artistic skills. 

Before her design studies, she obtained a Bachelor degree in Law from the University of Bucharest for absolutely no reason. 

She didn’t read James Joyces Ulysses yet, she wakes up early and cannot decide between Cate Blanchett and Charlotte Gainsbourg. She likes Hannah Arendt, Emil Cioran and Susan Sontag. She prefers red wine and the seaside. She thinks Brancusi was a genius and generally enjoys staring at sculptures. She spends most of her time in the dining room.