Carolin Pflüger

Carolin studied Fine Arts and special education in Leipzig, Rome and Berlin. Since her graduation in 2017 she has been teaching and mediating art at a school in Berlin and independent projects. She also works as a freelance artist, illustrator and tattoo artist.

In 2017 she co-founded the collective QUO with four other Berlin-based (women*) artists. QUO work with the process + the crisis, act in + with different spaces; rearrange + then mostly exhibit them. Or the other way around. Her own artistic practice has taken her from paper, under the skin, into space.

As a special education teacher Carolin thinks about accessibility and barriers. As a mediator about integration and experience. As an illustrator she gives things an appearance and as an artist she gives spaces a narration. Now she wants to bring all these aspects of her work together in the context of the stage.During her stage design internship at the Berlin Ringtheater in the production “Merchandise Medea”, she strengthened her interest in theater and narration in space and is excited to join the Berliner Volksbühne as an intern next year.