Nuphar Barkol

Nuphar Barkol is a theatre director. She has started her work in 2013. 

In 2017 she worked as associate curator of “stage 3”, the small stage of Be’er Sheva Repertoire Theatre, Israel. In the same year she was selected with young theatre artists from around the world to the Theatertreffen International Forum, Berlinerfestpiele.

She has graduated Beit ZviActing School (2012), completed a BA in Theatre Studies in Tel Aviv University (2013) and a teaching diploma in Theater Teaching InSeminar HakibutzimCollege in Israel (2021).

Her projects explore the intertwining of language and art as political structures in order to unveil social and political processes. In order to bring out the hybrid connections of different languages – different fields of the arts, the classic and mundane, the performative and the non-performative, the human body and technology – the physicality of the human voice is grasped as an aesthetic material, as choreography. Furthermore, the forms of technology and language of cyberspace are investigated as aesthetic spheres in her work, by movement, duration, space and simultaneous actions. She seeks, through the exhibition of the virtual on the theatre’s stage, a glimpse into the interior of human consciousness of our times, reflecting on its future.