Wildwechsel Festival 2023: moving times

WILDWECHSEL – the festival of East German theaters for young audiences deals with MOBILITY in the Autostadt Zwickau.

Mobility is movement is wheelchair is 6 stairs up without elevator is opening the theater into the city is simultaneity is crawling and then learning to walk is being on the road is green arrow is The bad new is better than the good old is network speed is bus on order is synapse interconnection is stop and go is the replacement of linearity in thinking by widely ramified networks is terminal for planes, trains, LNG is decentralized art action is surfer capacity is Tomorrow was Today beautiful is transformation is bridge building.

We see MOBILITY as a source of movement. To move means to take steps, to change place and thus perspective. For us, mobility stands for change, curiosity, beginnings, bringing together. We see the theater as a place for urban society, where we democratically negotiate our social togetherness, where we come together, break through blocks of opinion and open up a diverse space of possibility – remaining mobile for the transformations of our time and our society.

Five festival productions, three productions by the participating theaters, the Artistic Agora, participation formats for children and young people, numerous exchange and encounter formats – that is WILDWECHSEL 2023.

The Artistic Agora is a mainstay of the festival and is co-created by our students. The theaters develop theater miniatures and performances especially for the festival, which are shown as a course in public space.