Dan Roth

Dan Immanuel Roth was born in Germany in 1995 and works as a performer, dancer and successfully graduated in architecture from the University of Stuttgart in 2021. 

Already during his studies he focused on the design of spaces in relation to his body and moved in the interface between choreography and derived forms and scenes. He invites the audience to become part of his body and space experience. 

In his performances, he shapes space through media and objects and, through dance, assembles them into an aesthetic and experiential composition.

In his own exhibition space, an old servants’ quarters in the south of Germany, Dan Immanuel Roth is already working on his own projects and gaining experience as an exhibition curator.

Most recently, he worked with the Berlin-based collective Constructlab e.V. on artistic interventions in public spaces across Europe. He was part of a large network of artists, architects and designers and gained experience in the realization of numerous projects such as “Table of Content” (Stadtgalerie Saarbrücken), “Forecast 6” (Berlin), “Cabelo” (Porto).

Dan Roth received recognition for his bachelor thesis “Sabaodi Archipel” at “Die jungen Hugos” and is supported by the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes.