Marion Kunz

Marion Kunz, born in 1995 in Kaiserslautern, studied Integrated Design at the KISD (Köln international school of Design). While she was enthusiastically letting off steam in a huge playground of design during her studies, she discovered her fascination for scenography during her bachelor thesis. Above all, this applies to magical spaces in which one can immerse oneself, where one can experience an intense body sensation and forget all worries and find a multi-sensory experience. She has a special affinity for audiovisual spaces, such as those of the club or the theater, which are about finding identity, regeneration, feelings of freedom and movements of soul and body. During her studies she was able to complete some scenographic projects e. g. designing and organizing the annual exhibition, costume and character design within a collective performance and some virtual reality – out of body performances.

By a lot of travels, some projects abroad and a semester in Brazil at the Universidade Federal do Paraná she got in touchwith new cultures, ways of working, challenges and people and developed herself personally, creatively and professionally.Furthermore, several internships in graphic design, at the Pfalztheater Kaiserslautern, in production design and set design at the ifs (international film school Cologne), the film production companies Alliance Productions and Sony Pictures broadened her horizon.

In her opinion, the blurring of the line between everyday lifeand work is the most exciting aspect of a designers or scenographers life. The inspiration comes from new, experimental and open-minded experiences gained in the everyday life and by discovery of nature, the surrounding, different cultures and their social issues.