Noelia Contreras

Noelia Contreras has a degree in architecture and urban planning. Her interest in buildings is always focused on the context in which they exist and on the people who live in them. This premise applies to everything, including herself. In this way, she brings the culture of the Andes, of rural Argentina, to the metropolises of Lisbon, Barcelona and Berlin. In the German capital she was suddenly granted the status of a migrant, an experience she had never had before. She began working with feminist artists and broadened her constructive horizon, which ranged from children’s studios to workshops for alternative medical practices. Now her focus is on combining space with installations and audiovisual media. Since 2017 she has been living and working in Berlin with contemporary artists as well as in her individual projects in the fields of installation production, art direction and photography. Her spatial-audiovisual documentary film ‘In Utero’ was shown at the Berlin Art Week 2018.