Sara Grötsch

Sara Grötsch was born in Seville and grew up in an artistic environment where theater productions, stagings, rehearsals, tours and guest performances were part of her family’s daily life. She was also able to participate in the process of designing and building a museum, in the debate of which scenographers and museum designers such as Uwe Brückner, Otto Steiner or Carmen Bueno actively participated, resulting in the creation of the first Flamenco Dance Museum in the world, in which dance was given a museum form. These first experiences later gave her access to museums, galleries, theaters and artists of different disciplines and nationalities.

During her studies of innovative entrepreneurship in Madrid, she participated in or was responsible for the execution of numerous artistic, scenographic projects, which were intended to give micro-scenarios of the city a specific format. Her final thesis on creativity and creation processes brought her to the concepts of Experience Engineering and Emotion Design, with which she had become familiar in her projects and was able to deepen them in an internship at Atelier Brückner in Stuttgart.  Through this experience, she discovered that emotional scenography is the practice that allows her to channel all her different interests and put them into action.

Working at the Deutsche Oper in Berlin, her own art & exhibition projects in Madrid, Berlin and Hanoi, and her constant participation in different roles in a variety of artistic projects in Berlin, she is working on her understanding of combining art and space and making them more present as a force for social change. In this sense, she understands art, especially the staging of spatial experiences also as a political and ecological necessity.