Lecture: Mark Coniglio

The Importance of Being Interactive

From GPS trackers in our phones to smart watches, the notion of being sensed – of turning human action into data – has become more the rule than the exception. What is remains unusual is using such devices to deeply expand our body in an artistic way, especially in the context of live performances for the stage. In this talk, Mark Coniglio delves into his long history as a creator of interactive performance to show what can happen when we use such tools to become the conductor of a media orchestra of video, sound and light – an ensemble that goes beyond being an accompaniment to become an extension to the body itself.

Recognized as a pioneering force in the integration of dance and media, composer, media artist and programmer Mark Coniglio creates large-scale performance works that integrate music, dance, theater and interactive media. He will present an artist talk that combines an overview of interactive/media-intensive theatrical performances with a consideration of how to keep this work meaningful in the future.