Irrtümer III Märchen und Mythen

It has almost become a tradition: in well-tried cooperation our students have been working with and for Landesbühnen Sachsen/Theater Radebeul. Under the guidance of Prof. Kerstin Laube they developed stage and costume designs for several plays as well as an overall visual concept für the theatre festival Irrtümer III  Märchen und Mythen. Four productions as well as several installations will be realised for the programm that is curated by the topic tales and myths.


The festival in its entity including all 9 plays and installations can only be seen five times, namely the 15th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd and 31st of october 2016!
Some plays will continue playing in the programme though. Further information (in German language) can be found at their website (Landesbühnen Sachsen).

students and projects:

„Reinecke Fuchs“ (P 2010)
stage design: Margaret Schlenkrich
costume design: Mona Hartmann and Susanne Wilk

„Hans im Glück“ (studio stage)
stage and costume design: Mona Hartmann and Susanne Wilk

„Die Geschichte der Tigerin“ (P25)
stage design: Michaela Kirsche
costume design: Eric Schuhmacher

„Liederabend 1001 Nacht“ (Goldene Weintraube)
spatial design and costumes: Lana Ramsay

forest installation (concept)
Mona Hartmann, Susanne Wilk

Höhlentor I und II
installation Lana Ramsay with Devin Martini
sound and projection: Devin Martini

entrance hall installation „Märchen und Kindheit“
Margaret Schlenkrich

mythical creatures in the forest
Eric Schuhmacher

installation „Märchen und Mythen- Ausstellung in Bild und Text“
Michaela Kirsche

books installation with sound and flower installation
Susanne Wilk

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