Cooperation: Theater Chemnitz
Tutor: Prof. Frank Hänig
stage and costume, production

A couple returns from their holidays, but something seems to be strange in their apartment. Suddenly there is a new potted plant standing around, a pile of rubbish can be found under the coffee table and on top the light does not work anymore. Initially a befriended couple was supposed to take good care of the apartment in the meanwhile. But instead of just watering the plants, the built a nest in their home and slings them out on the spot. So who does this apartment actually belong to and who belongs really to whom?

Supervised by tutor Prof. Frank Hänig our students developed concepts for the stage and costume design of Marius von Mayenburg’s play “Perplex” at Theater Chemnitz. Stage and costumes designed by Eleonora Pedretti were selected to be realized.

Perplex is premiering soon, at 29th september 2016 at Theater Chemnitz.

premiere: 29th september 2016 at Ostflügel of Theater Chemnitz
Stage and Costume design: Eleonora Pedretti
Tutor: Prof. Frank Hänig
Director: Kathrin Brune

(c) photos: Theater Chemnitz/Dieter Wuschanski, TU Bühnenbild_Szenischer Raum/Eleonora Pedretti

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