Schleierzeichen in Kitzingen

Cooperation: Landeskreis Kitzingen
Tutor: Jean-Louis Vidière
Scenography, Production

The cooperation is based on the five-year Kulturgold-concept »Von edler Art – Kitzinger Kulturzeichen« (Of noble kinds – culture sign Kitzingen). This concept addresses the Kitzinger founding myth around the historical figure Hadeloga and starts with the prologue SCHLEIERZEICHEN (vail sign). The Kitzinger cultural landscape – consisting of gardens, vineyards and a river landscape – shall be the new scenery for cultural formats with regional and national appeal. The task for our students is the development and implementation of temporary urban installations in Kitzingen. These will be combined into a parcour that thematically deals with the city’s history, its hidden and obvious stories, as well as the identity of the region of Kitzingen. The productions will be developed in the next 3 months, realized on site and is seen in Kitzingen for a few weeks from July 4th.

Cooperation Partner: Administrative district Kitzingen, Agency Kulturgold : Céline Kruska und Dr. Yvonne Pröbstle
Tutor: Jean-Louis Vidière
Students: Ev-Simone Benzing, Daniel Daoudi, Soh Ji-Hyun, Miranda Kahlert, Ayfer Ezgi Karatas, Shahed Naji, Judith Noack, Andrea Perez Fu, Natalie Wild
Coordination: Franziska Ritter

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