Theaterclubs Paderborn 2016

Cooperation: Theater Paderborn
Tutor: Prof. Kerstin Laube
stage and costumes, production

In cooperation with the Theater Paderborn and under the direction of Prof. Kerstin Laube, for the third time students competitively designed the sets and the costumes for four contemporary plays of the theatre clubs Paderborn: “Das Ding” (Philipp Löhle), “After Juliet” (Sharman Mcdonald), “Nachtgeknister” (Mike Kenny) and “Helges Leben” (Sybille Berg). After selecting the best ideas, these will be further developed and realised in close cooperation with the directors and the workshops of the theatre.

”Das Ding” Premiere 14.5.2016, further performances 15.5. and 18.5.2016
Director: Marguerite Windblut
Stage: Mona Hartmann
Costumes: Paula Trimbur

“After Juliet” – Premiere 29.5.2016, further performances 31.5.2016 and 1.6.2016
Director: Chiara Nassauer
Stage: Devin Martini
Costumes: Devin Martini and Susanne Wilk

“Nachtgeknister” – Premiere 10.6.16, further performances 11.6.2016 and 12.6.2016
Director: Karolin Dieckhoff
Stage: Lana Ramsay
Light/Projections: Greta Bolzoni
Costumes: Lana Ramsay and Carolina Duarte

“Helges Leben” – Premiere 25.6.16, further performances 26.6.2016 and 1.7.16
Director: Marie Sophie Dudzic
Stage: Mona Hartmann
Costumes: Susanne Wilk

(c) photos: Karolin Dieckhoff/Theater Paderborn, TU Bühnenbild_Szenischer Raum/Lana Ramsay, Mona Hartmann

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